With a wide range of experience in different sectors, we strive to deliver your goals and requirements to you. Our journey has just begun and we intend to join you on your amazing journeys as well as help new journeys to take shape. SYFTE is for all seasons and is here to stay!


Our services might be of interest to you or someone you know, we have interests and plans to get into community services, leisure services and a whole lot of other services that will hopefully touch and change lives.

Below are the 3 services that we currently manage

Elevator Connect

Elevator Connect is the first of its kind Elevator Advertising solution that strives to connect brands with their consumers. No matter what you sell – a product or a service, you can connect with your consumers inside their own elevators through us.

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SparkEMC is the first and only talent promotion & Professional Event Services Listing Portal in Mangalore & Udupi ( DK District) which boasts of its culture and diversity to showcase the world of its rituals.Read More »